My name is Ashley Seto, and I am a Los Angeles-based multimedia creative and UI designer. You should hire me.


Sammy 2

Movie Website

Sammy 2 is a colorful and lively children's movie from Studio Canal. The goal of this website was to provide an informative yet engaging experience for parents and children. My primary responsibilities for this project were the site design in Photoshop, creation of downloadable assets for children to use and print, and preparation of the sound files.

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Website Redesign

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission inquired about a redesign of their transportation website for the SF Bay area. The previous website suffered from poor organization and was difficult for individuals to find necessary transportation information quickly. I constructed this concept for the redesign to emphasize ease of usability (especially around a central trip planner) and the integration of interactive features such as maps, announcements, and social media.

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Website Concept is one of the leading websites for pet adoption. Unfortunately, their website is outdated and unorganized. This is a problem especially when it comes to pet adoption where presentation can mean the difference between a pet going to a loving home or never being adopted. I focused on the homepage and adoption listing on Petfinder.

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Vinyl Toy


A Vinyl Toy promotional page that was designed to showcase the toys many aspects, and press it had received. The cute, light hearted design lends itself well to the branding of the product.

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Website & Promo Video

SEE Global Entertainment wished for a landing site and video concept to advertise the new Asterix Tour, based on the internationally-reknowned comic. I designed the storyboard stills for the video and helped lead production of the visual identity for the website. The completed design was implemented into SEE's brand at

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Sony Cine-Asia

Corporate Presentation

Sony asked for us to vitalize their corporate brand around upcoming movie releases for a major industry event. I designed the overall modern look, on which the entire presentation was based, and I helped guide the vision of the presentation with support from my team's motion graphics lead and other creatives. Sony used the finalized design at the company's keynote at the 2012 Cine-Asia industry conference.

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FoxSports Rangers

Corporate Presentation

Fox approached us to create a visual identity for professional corportate settings. They wanted us to invigorate the existing design from Fox's television spots. I crafted the look and structure of the presentation with help from our creative team, including our motion graphics lead.

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About Me

I am a Los Angeles-based multimedia creative and UI designer. I create pixels and implement them; in other words, I speak the languages of both designers and coders.

I have designed for high-profile clients such as Sony, FOX, and Paramount, and I have worked with the following companies:

I make a killer raspberry white-chocolate, oreo-crusted cheesecake (you know your mouth is watering), and I love fluffy white kittens, cosplay, and massively multiplayer online games.

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